Afghan Hand-knotted Vegetable Over-Dye Oushak Wool Rug (9’9 x 12’9)


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    Oushak has produced some of the most decorative Turkish influenced rugs of all times. These over-dyed rugs go through a unique process of color neutralization before being dyed in a new color scheme. Over-dyed rugs can range from vibrant colors to more muted tones, but you will always see the unique original design of the rug showing behind the new wash of color. These rugs are created by Afghan weavers in the villages of northern Afghanistan. Those vegetable dyes most commonly used are madder, the root of a spindly bush which grows abundantly in many carpet-producing area which is used to create a red color. Walnut peel is used for dark brown, pomegranate peel for light brown, and sparak which is a wild flower from the steppes, used for yellow.

    Herat Oriental works with over 2,000 village weavers to create beautiful, authentic, handmade rugs. The majority of the weavers are women, who live in the villages of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. As we grow, we are able to create more jobs for female weavers who otherwise would not have the opportunity to do so. The community also thrives from rug weaving as the local farmers benefit from wool sales, and the local artisans create natural and vegetable dyes for the weavers to use in their designs. Due to the handmade nature of our rugs, the size may vary from as advertised by 3-4 inches. Regular vacuuming and annual professional cleaning will keep your rug looking new for years to come.

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